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  • Michigan Today

    The action was affirmative

    Jumping back to the fall of 1953, a time long before discussions around affirmative action were commonplace, James Tobin shares the details of a conversation between first-year law student Roger Wilkins and Professor William Burnett Harvey.

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  • Jean Fairfax student portrait circa 1937

    The African American Student Project

    The Bentley launches a new, long-term project on the history of African Americans at the University of Michigan.

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  • Bentley Historical Library

    A Conversation with Willis C. Patterson

    In this conversation with Willis C. Patterson, the Bentley Historical Library discusses his life of music, art, and advocacy and celebrates his donation of papers to the University's official archive. Patterson is a U-M professor emeritus of voice and former associate dean, who joined the faculty in 1968 as the first African American member of the SMTD faculty.

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  • pioneering African Americans at Michigan Medicine
    Michigan Medicine

    Pioneers and Pathbreakers

    Call them pioneers. Call them pathbreakers. But above all else, call them doctors, nurses, teachers, and leaders. Meet some of the African Americans who figured prominently in U-M medical history.

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  • Bentley Historical Library

    An Unwritten Law

    In 1930, every one of the 450 women housed in U-M’s brand new Moser-Jordan dormitory were white. African American students, parents, and alumni carried out a long battle to integrate the dorms, engaging in years of activism.

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  • In this photo from on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan. 20, 2014, members of the student movement Being Black at the University of Michigan, or #BBUM, rally on the steps of Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Mich. They gathered holding signs and read off their list of demands to those exiting a lecture given in honor of MLK by Harry Belafonte. (AP Photo/The Ann Arbor News, Melanie Maxwell)
    Bentley Historical Library

    Being Black at U-M

    Austin McCoy ignited a social justice movement on campus and beyond. Learn how he fought to make U-M more diverse and why his papers are now archived at the University forever.

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