• Medicine at Michigan
    The First University Hospital
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  • Detroit Public Television
    Uncommon Education

    To mark U-M's bicentennial, Detroit Public Television created a 10-episode series exploring U-M’s history and its connections to the present.

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  • Bentley Historical Library
    An Unwritten Law

    In 1930, every one of the 450 women housed in U-M’s brand new Moser-Jordan dormitory were white. African American students, parents, and alumni carried out a long battle to integrate the dorms, engaging in years of activism.

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  • Michigan Alumnus
    Firmly in the Driver’s Seat

    Janet Guthrie made history in the '70s as the first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500. Inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in July, she recently shared her life story of strength, struggle, and speed.

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  • Michigan Medicine News
    Three in One: How Academic Medical Centers Came to Be
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