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  • Michigan Alumnus

    Life Under Curfew

    It has been 60 years since the University started to phase out the curfew, which wasn’t uncommon for women on college campuses. While the time of this curfew is remembered differently, it was only one of the policies that made the campus experience different for male and female students.

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  • Bentley Historical Library

    We Demand Education

    The first woman hired to teach at U-M was Louisa Reed-Stowell, a brilliant botanist who fought tirelessly for women’s equality, especially in education. Despite her prestigious contributions in the field, in the classroom, and beyond, U-M would discriminate against her time and time again on promotions, salary, and recognition. Nevertheless, she persisted.

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  • Michigan Today

    The conquering heroines of Title IX, featuring Sara Fitzgerald, BA ’73

    Upon hearing the word "activism," rarely does one’s imagination settle on the conference-room table, the literal anti-archetype of action, momentum, and social progress. But that’s exactly where one of the most significant movements in recent history took place. In her book, author and longtime journalist Sara Fitzgerald, BA ’73, describes a protest that took place mostly in secret, steeped in stealth, subversion, and, yes, mountains of paperwork.

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  • Bentley Historical Library

    No Resignation

    Neuroanatomist Elizabeth Crosby was a brilliant researcher and a dedicated teacher. So what happened to make her attempt to resign numerous times over the course of her career? Letters archived at U-M may provide answers.

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  • Leaders and Best

    What It Meant to Me

    Dr. Alexa Canady was the first African American woman in the United States to become a neurosurgeon. Here, she shares her U-M experience and how a scholarship helped her make history.

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  • Madelon Stockwell in 1902

    Madelon’s World

    This week marks the 150th anniversary of Madelon Stockwell becoming U-M's first female student. Her arrival disrupted a world that had been all male since 1817.

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  • Heritage

    No Admittance

    When women tried to enter the University of Michigan in 1858, the all-male Board of Regents slammed the door shut "for the sake of the young ladies themselves."

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  • Grace Eldering at her desk
    Bentley Historical Library

    The Trail Blazer

    Scientist and educator Pearl Kendrick was a lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology at U-M and changed the landscape of infectious disease to save countless lives.

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  • Painting of Sarah Gertrude Banks
    Medicine at Michigan

    In Her Own Right

    Sarah Gertrude Banks, one of the earliest women to graduate from the U-M Medical School, cared for patients while championing women’s suffrage.

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  • She Hit it First Podcast Logo
    The Michigan Daily

    She Hit It First

    From the arts to STEM, from the first co-ed class to the first softball pitch, the Michigan Daily and What the F Magazine guide you through the stories of pioneering women at the University of Michigan in this limited series podcast.

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