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  • Bentley Historical Library

    The Improbable Herpetologist

    Helen Thompson Gaige’s passion for frogs, salamanders, lizards and more was unusual for a woman at the turn of the century. She defied gender stereotypes by becoming an expert in zoology and launching herself into globetrotting adventures to collect and study specimens. Her scientific legacy endures in the archive—and beyond.

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  • Bentley Historical Library

    Flying Saucers and Swamp Gas

    A rash of UFO sightings across Michigan in the mid-1960s launched investigations by the highest levels of the U.S. government. Collections at the Bentley document several aspects of these widespread close encounters. Was it spaceships or swamp gas? The answer may depend on whose papers you peruse.

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  • Michigan Today

    The First Flu Shot

    U-M scientist Thomas Francis broke new ground in the fight against influenza with his work on the first flu shot.

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  • Grace Eldering at her desk
    Bentley Historical Library

    The Trail Blazer

    Scientist and educator Pearl Kendrick was a lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology at U-M and changed the landscape of infectious disease to save countless lives.

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  • Portrait of James Gerrit Van Zwaluwenburg
    Medicine at Michigan

    X-Ray Vision

    James Gerrit Van Zwaluwenburg (M.D. 1908) was an early adopter of X-ray technology, and he made imaging an integral element of clinical diagnoses and patient care at U-M.

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  • Larry Curtiss with machinery
    LSA Magazine

    A Tough Act to Swallow

    A physics student developed a way to see inside your stomach, despite the experts saying his idea was impossible.

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