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  • Children holding Polio Pioneers sign
    Michigan Medicine News

    Looking back on another virus battle: U-M’s role in polio history

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  • Michigan Today image of Ann Arbor mural with face masks
    Michigan Today

    The idea to ‘flatten the curve’

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  • U of M Geneticist James Neel
    Michigan Heritage

    The Fake News About James Neel

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  • Michigan Today

    The First Flu Shot

    U-M scientist Thomas Francis broke new ground in the fight against influenza.

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  • Portrait of James Gerrit Van Zwaluwenburg
    Medicine at Michigan

    X-Ray Vision

    James Gerrit Van Zwaluwenburg (M.D. 1908) was an early adopter of X-ray technology, and he made imaging an integral element of clinical diagnoses and patient care at U-M.

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  • Bill Haber sitting at desk
    Bentley Historical Library

    Haber’s Labor

    William Haber was a world-famous economist, author of scores of academic publications, chairman of the Economics Department (1962), and Dean of LSA (1963–1968). He was also a champion for refugees and immigrants.

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  • Larry Curtiss with machinery
    LSA Magazine

    A Tough Act to Swallow

    A physics student developed a way to see inside your stomach, despite the experts saying his idea was impossible.

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  • A Scotford and Soper forgery Statue
    Bentley Historical Library

    Frauds in the Field

    How archaeologist Francis Kelsey unmasked a turn-of-the-century hoax involving “ancient” artifacts and scammer who once held the position of Michigan Secretary of State.

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