Here you will find digital exhibits that have been assembled by faculty, students, staff and others across the University, exploring a wide range of issues from U-M’s past.
  • Storied Acquisitions: Highlights from the University of Michigan Library Collections

    In celebration of the University’s bicentennial, this exhibit showcases treasures from a variety of collecting areas and explores the stories behind the development of some of our most distinctive collections. From Audubon’s Birds of America, the first book acquired for the Library, to more recent arrivals like Robert Altman’s Academy Award, the items in this exhibit afford us an opportunity to reflect on the history and consider the future of one of the country’s largest and most important academic research library collections.

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  • Michigan’s Story: The History of Race at U-M

    This exhibit was prepared for the 2014 Martin Luther King Day Symposium. Its physical counterpart was displayed in the Hatcher Library Gallery in January and February 2014.

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  • From General Library to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

    From General Library to Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library is an exhibit of photographs of the establishment and evolution of the University of Michigan Library and its major building, the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.

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  • Postcards from the edge

    Never have we ever needed to escape the harsh realities of modern life more than now. The Bentley Historical Library holds a vast postcard collection spanning the centuries. We pulled these sweet missives to “Papa,” “the Boss,” and “Aunt Gertrude” from a bygone era in U-M history. Hugs.

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  • Give Earth a Chance

    Michigan Today presents images from the Environmental Action for Survival (ENACT) Teach-in on the U-M campus in March 1970 -- a precursor to the original Earth Day.

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  • 1912 academic procession

    “As to the Woman Question”

    Explore this digital exhibit celebrating the 150th anniversary of the admission of women to U-M.

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  • Constructing Gender

    An exploration of how gender differences are literally built into the architecture of the Michigan Union and League buildings.

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  • This Lichtenstein art was part of a groundbreaking 1963 exhibit at U-M

    Pop Art 1963

    In 1963, the new phenomenon of "Pop Art" came to the University of Michigan.

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  • Still from Exhibit Walk Through Video

    From Swing to Hip-Hop

    A photographic history of musical performance at U-M.

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